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Mr. Jeffrey, CEO & Editor-in-Chief

The CEO and Editor-in-Chief Mr. Jeffrey is the driver of the whole team and its operations. Jeffrey love technology. He has been a software developer for many years. He has been involved in the electronics industry for a long time. Jeffrey has a lot of experience in new technology developments and incorporation into various sectors. He believes technology holds the answers to many of the challenges facing humankind. Jeffrey loves technology travels too. He has been travelling to various parts of the world, to experience new technologies unravelling first hand. He is such a technology enthusiast. Jeffrey loves to write too. He believes it is such an effective way of sharing knowledge.

Jeffrey uses the platform to share his knowledge and enthusiasm. He is part and person of the scooter reviews shared on the platform. He also put his best efforts into ensuring the information published herein is factual and objective. He takes part in the testing and scrutinizing processes. Mr. Jeffrey ensures that you get the correct information and in the best and helpful way possible. He too believes in getting value for your money. He takes pride in being part of the team and ensuring you get the best scooter reviews. He believes the platform is a great resource for many people who might not know anything about scooters.