Electric scooters are the latest craze. They are an exciting way of getting around the neighborhood or even commuting to work or school. Riding electric scooter is not tiring, and they are energy efficient and environmentally friendly. You just have to plug them in, allows them to fully charge and then get moving. There are many brands of electric scooter that have come up. Each brand delivers scooters with different performances, features. Each model also has unique pros and cons.

If you have never had an electric scooter before, you will find it hard to know which electric scooter is the best. Given the many brands available today, you may also not have time to explore each one of them. You do not have to worry about any of that. We are passionate about technology, and we sent out our experts to explore the various electric scooters available on the market. The experts would compare the different features of the scooters to find out which one performs better. Here is a review of the NANROBOT D4+ High-Speed Electric Scooter which came out on top as one of the best.

NANROBOT D4+ High-Speed Electric Scooter

Best Fastest Electric Scooter

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This scooter delivers everything you would need on a scooter in on package. Talk of a scooter that is powerful, fast, easy-to-handle, and space efficient. You will not get all these pros in one scooter. Let explore some of the aspects that makes the scooter stand out.


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The NANROBOT D4+ features 2000 watts of motor power and can hit a top speed of 40 MPH. It is arguably the fastest electric scooter in the world. It is fitted with two motors of 1000 watts each. This is a little monster. You would never believe it can hit such an impressive top speed by just looking at it. It also features a range of 45 miles, which is quite impressive as well. The scooter is powered by a 52V lithium-ion battery.

The scooter is quite powerful. It can effortlessly scale and incline as steep as 30 degrees. It is going to be a while before you come across another scooter that is that strong. The battery takes between 8 to 10 hours to fully charge. While this is a long duration, the battery has a long life. It delivers and impressive range when it is full charged. As mentioned above, the NANROBOT D4+ High-Speed Electric Scooter has arguably the longest range you will find on an electric scooter.


Best Fastest Electric Scooter

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The scooter has a maximum load capacity of 330lbs./150kg. Most ordinary people are under that weight. It can, therefore, be ridden by anyone. It comes with 6 shock absorbers that ensure you have a smooth ride, and also protect the rest of the part from damage when cruising over rough terrain. The 10-inch pneumatic tires are also quite effective in ensures you have a smooth ride. They enable the scooter to maintain a strong grip on the road.

The scooter also has a perfectly contoured saddle that ensures you ride quite comfortably. The saddle is perfectly positioned, and its height is adjustable to ensure it can be ridden by people of different heights. You just need to adjust the height of the saddle to a position that is perfect for you.

The Foldable Frame

Best Fastest Electric Scooter

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The scooter is impressively foldable as well. This makes it portable and easy to store. You can take with you on your travels. It is also easy to carry if it runs out of charge before you get to your destination. The scooter is therefore easy to move around with, and you can conveniently carry it while you travel. While folded, it will easily fit in the trunk of your car. You can take it in the train or plane as well. It is indeed the best fastest stand up electric scooter. Below, is a summary of the pros and cons of this scooter.


  • The scooter is very fast
  • It has a very long range
  • The scooter is powerful
  • It is quite comfortable to ride
  • The scooter is strongly built and durable
  • It is easily portable
  • The folding design makes it space efficient
  • It has great aesthetics


  • The scooter takes too long to charge
  • It is an expensive scooter

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Being the best scooter on the market, you have to pay a pretty penny for it. That’s not a big deal though. It is worth every single cent that you pay for it. It is indeed one of the most functional and durable electric scooters on the market. The NANROBOT D4+ High-Speed Electric Scooter is indeed and impressive electric scooter that anyone would be excited to have. It comes with everything you would want on a scooter. It is a perfect choice for both adults and kids. Whether you are looking to get to your next station a bit faster, or you are looking for a fun ride, the NANROBOT D4+ High-Speed Electric Scooter is a perfect option.


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