Best Electric Scooter With SeatA horn is one of the vital equipment in a scooter. It is one of the safety measures that allow the rider to alert other road users. A feeling of confidence and comfort is achieved by the rider as other people and drivers are aware of one’s presence on the road.

Do all scooters have horns?

Despite the importance of horns, not all states require the scooters to be fitted with horns. Such scooters with no horns are prone to accidents, therefore, a health hazard to the users. It is prudent to purchase a scooter which is fitted with a horn for safety purposes. Ojo Electric is a reputable company that manufactures the electric scooters. For safety purposes, the company manufactures all the scooters fitted with horns.

Features of a good scooter’s horn

The scooter’s horn should be long-lasting. The material should be durable and not susceptible to wear and tear. This enables one to avoid one incurring extra cost for maintenance and repair.

The horn should be heard easily. It should be loud enough to be heard by other people and other drivers to avoid collision or accidents.

The scooter’s horn should also be designed to fit different brands of scooters. This promotes efficiency especially when one decides to replace the faulty horn.

How a scooter’s horn works

When one applies power, the current runs through the coil fitted on the horn. This creates a magnetic field that pulls a diaphragm towards it. When the diaphragm is pulled, it breaks the circuit and moves back to its initial position. By so doing, another circuit is created and the diaphragm is pulled once more by the magnetic field. The sound is caused by the diaphragm moving back and forth.

Scooter’s horn repair and replacement

A number of things could go wrong and make the horn not to work. They include the following: –

  • The horn’s button could be faulty
  • Faulty wiring either from the battery to the switch or from the switch to the horn
  • The horn could also be broken

To access the source of the problem, one needs to remove the panel from the front fairing of the scooter. Then one needs to connect the voltmeter across the two wires fitted with the horn. If there is a reading on the voltmeter when the horn’s button is pressed, then the wiring and horn’s button are okay. If there was no reading recorded on the voltmeter, this could indicate a faulty wiring or horn’s button. If the wiring and horn’s button are intact, the next thing to do is to measure the voltage at the horn’s button. With respect to the chassis, one side should be connected to +12v while the other side should be at 0v. If the reading stays at 0v, then this indicates a faulty switch, therefore, one need to replace it.

Replacing and repairing the scooter’s horn is not a complicated activity as outlined above. The replacement parts are also available both locally and directly from the manufacturers.

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