best electric scooter for adults street legalBoth the electric scooters and electric bikes are used as means of transport. They share a lot of similarities but the other hand they got some differences.

Electric scooters


The various advantages of an electric scooter include the following:-

  • Their short lengths make them maneuverable.
  • They are light as compared to electric bikes
  • Buying an electric scooter is cheap as compared to an electric bike
  • In case of an emergency, the electric scooters allow easy jumping due to their low ground’s level
  • Electric scooters have a simple design consisting of fewer parts.
  • Mounting and dismounting an electric scooter is far much easier.
  • They offer protection from rain and wind
  • To deter theft, the majority of the electric scooters come fitted with alarms.
  • Most of them are fitted with waterproof, lockable storage located beneath the seat.
  • On a level ground, they are pretty fast with a maximum speed of 12mph.
  • It is easy to ride as compared to electric bikes.


  • The electric scooter cannot function when its battery is not functioning.
  • The electric scooters are not allowed on the commuter’s trails, bike’s lanes and other similar places as they are not treated like regular bikes.
  • Parking around the town is a bit challenging as it requires quite a big space.
  • They are slow going uphill
  • The riders are required to have a driving license and wear a helmet as opposed to electric bikes.

Electric bikes


The pros associated with the electric bikes include the following: –

  • An electric bike can function as a normal bicycle even without the function of its battery power.
  • They use similar parts as a normal bicycle, therefore, easy to maintain.
  • Electric bikes are treated just like normal bicycles thus allowed on commuter’s trails, bikes’ lanes, and other similar places.
  • They are fitted with larger and wider tires making it convenient for trails and surfaces.
  • The riders are not necessarily required to have a driving license or wear a helmet.
  • They require a small space, therefore; packing around the town is much easier.


Some of the cons associated with the electric bikes include the following: –

  • The electric bikes are not much convenient as they are not fitted with a storage facility. The rider has to wear a backpack or attach saddle bags or another type of storage device to the rear carrier.
  • They do not offer protection against wind and rain.
  • They are heavy as compared to electric scooters
  • They are complicated as they are manufactured using many parts.
  • It takes quite a lot of time to learn how to ride an electric bike.
  • Electric bikes can be stolen easily as they are not fitted with alarms.
  • The electric scooters are very expensive as compared to the electric bikes.
  • Jumping off from the electric bike in case of an emergency is quite challenging due to its high ground level.

Take away

Both the electric scooters and electric bikes are convenient means of transport. Despite this claim, an electric scooter seems more convenient as compared to an electric bike. The electric scooters are cheap, easy to ride, deter theft, easy to jump in case of emergency and, protect the rider against wind and rain.  In addition, they are fitted with storage facilities and are easy to ride. All these advantages are not accrued while using an electric bike. The electric scooters, however, cannot work when its battery is not functioning.

It is due to those many advantages that I would recommend one to try out an electric scooter.

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