Meet Our Team


Joyce is a very active member of the writing team. She has been using a scooter to commute to work and shopping for the last 10 years. She is a mother to two teenage boys who have been riding a scooter since they were 6 years old. Joyce is no stranger to scooters. She believes they are very convenient. She has used a wide range of scooters over the years. She has seen scooter technology move from one leap to the other. Joyce loves to encourage other people to use scooters. She owns a car, but she won’t use it where she can use a scooter.

She is an active contributor to the writing team too. She writes some engaging and informative pieces about the scooters. He helps us to compile the reviews. Joyce puts her best efforts into creating the most in-depth scooter reviews. Her reviews will certainly connect you to your best-suited scooter. Joyce loves to share what she knows about scooters. She hopes to influence other people to opt to use scooters over other means. Modern scooter has her fascinated. She particularly loves the convenience that has come with electric scooters. Joyce is one of the most enthusiast people about scooters. She is indeed a very resourceful member of the team.


Geoffrey is an automotive engineer. He knows everything there is to know about locomotive machines. He has worked in motorcycle and car industries for a long time. Geoffrey knows the ins and outs of a scooter. He loves to ride scooters too. Geoffrey contributed to the writing team by helping us understand the various technical aspects of a scooter. He provides resourceful insight about the best maintenance practices, as well as repairs. Geoffrey’s reviews are always factual and science-based. He is a technology enthusiast too. He likes to explore the various types of scooters available and document their performances.

Geoffrey is an incredible writer too. He writes very informative and objective reviews. Geoffrey is enthusiastic about sharing knowledge and educating.  His reviews are very resourceful. He is one of the most active contributors to the writing team. He uses his scientific background to bring you the most correct and factual information. He loves to keep up with new technology and spends time exploring technology applications. Geoffrey is helping us to test and compare the various scooters that we review. He helps in documenting the respective performances of the scooters. Geoffrey has such an easy-going demeanor and loves to connect and share with other people.