Privacy Policy and Disclaimer

In our endeavors to provide a blissful experience on our website, we collect information from various quarters. We have a policy that protects your right to privacy concerning all the information we might collect from you while interacting with the website.


Our servers collect general non-personal information about the visitors to our website, such as date and time of visit and language used. We use the information to evaluate the different manners in which our visitors interact with the website so that we can improve their experiences. This information is used in an analysis, and the results may be released from time to time as a reflection of our website’s performance. For Instance, we might want to show the amount of traffic we receive at particular times, or within specific durations.

We also collect indirect personal information such as Internet Protocol (IP) addresses that can potentially identify the location of the user. We collect this information from users interacting with our website by leaving comments on the reviews and blogs. We only disclose such information to authorized employees, contractors and partner organizations.

The type of information collected from visitors depends on the interaction level they have with the website. Interactions such as signing up for an account requires that we ask you for your email address and a preferred username. Visitors wishing to transact with us are also asked to submit personal and financial information that is necessary to complete the transactions. This sort of information is also not disclosed to anyone other than the parties mentioned above. The visitor is at liberty to decline to provide such information but at the expense of not being able to enjoy particular services.

The information collected may also be analyzed and presented as aggregate statists, in a non-personal manner. For instance, financial information may be processed, and a finding of revenue collected by the website displayed publicly.

Access to Visitor Information

We only disclose information collected to authorized employees, contractors and partner organizations. The partner organizations have to fit the following criteria to have access to the information;

1 They need the information to analyze it on our behalf and provide back statistical presentations

2 That they commit to not disclosing the information to any other party.

Other than the parties described above, we can only disclose the information through a court order or to a government authority. We may also disclose the information in instances where we establish it is important to do for our welfare, that of our partners and that of the public. If you provide your contact information, we may contact you from time to time to let you know about new developments we might have. We also reserve the right to publish any communication you make through our contact channels. We take the responsibility of protecting and safeguarding the privacy of the visitors to our website. We do not allow access to or alteration of user information by any unauthorized parties.


To serve you better, we store cookies on your browser. Cookies are strings of information that helps your browser remember your preferences while visiting a website. The cookies also help us track and analyze the visitors’ interaction with our website. A visitor reserves the right to reject our cookies, at the expense of some of the website’s features not functioning properly. Third parties also place Ads on our website. They also collect non-personal information about visitors’ interaction with the Ads, which they use to deliver targeted Ads. They do this place also placing cookies on your browser. This policy does not include cookies from such parties.

Company Transfer

If the company is acquired by another party, the information will be transferred to the acquiring party. By using the website, you consent to the information being transferred to such a party. The new party may continue using your information as stated in this policy.

Policy Changes

We reserve the right to make changes to this policy. If you have subscribed to our communications, you will be notified whenever there are any changes. Continued use of the website constitutes your agreement to the policy as it is.

Terms of Use

Engaging and interacting on the website is subject to some terms and conditions. Landing and interacting on the website constitute consent to these terms and conditions. The website subscribes to all other laws and regulations that govern our operations. You will be subject to these laws and regulations any time you choose to visit and engage website. If at any point you do not consent to these terms and conditions, you should not visit or engage the website. All the content published on the website is protected by the Copyright and Trademark Regulations.

Privacy Policy

Your interaction with the website prompts our servers to collected non-personal, non-identifying information about your visits. We may also prompt you to offer personal and identifying information. As such, in a bid to protect your privacy we have a privacy policy in place. The policy educates you on how we use the information we get from you. All the information obtained from you is subject to the privacy policy at all times. By consenting to these terms, you consent to us using your information as per the privacy policy.

Website’s Intellectual property

All the content published in on the website constitutes part of our intellectual property. You are not allowed to use it anywhere else without our prior consent. You shall not republish, reproduce, redistribute, rent or sell the content with our permission. Such an attempt would attract a lawsuit and possible criminal charges.


Your interaction and engagement on the website shall remain within the boundaries allowed by the applicable laws of the country from which you are opening the website. Your interactions shall not deny other parties the right to engage on the website. Any content you publish on the website shall not be obscene, derogatory, inconveniencing or harassing. You shall also not use the website for advertisements or any other commercial-related interactions.

Restricted Access

We reserve the authority to allow or deny anyone admission to the website. The website also has restricted areas. We also reserve the right to allows or deny access to such sections. We may ask you to surrender personal and identifying information to gain access to such areas. You have to consent to a no-disclosure policy to be allowed access to the restricted areas.

Terms Changes

These terms of use can change at any time. We reserve the right to make changes to these terms at any time when we deem it fit to do so as long as they remain legal. Notifications will be sent in the event of any changes. If you continue to engage on the website after such changes, it will be taken as consent to these terms of use as they are. If you do not consent to the terms as they are in full or in part, you are not allowed to visit or engage on the website. If any of these clauses becomes illegal by legislation or court order, it shall be removed. All the other clauses shall hold as they are.

Resources Use

You use the content available on the pages of our website at your discretion. Your usage of the content does not put us, our officers or partners in any contractual or legal agreement with you. We, our officers and partners will not be liable for any losses, injuries or damages suffered as a result of interaction with the website.